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Body Scarification at Komosameri Village 2Body Scarification at Korosaweri Village 1Body Scarification at Korosaweri Village 3Brahminy KiteCarved Figures at Mindibit Village 2Carved Figures at Mindibit VillageCarving at Korosaweri VillageCarving at Mindibit VillageCooking Fish at Mindibit VillageFishing at Sambruk VillageFishing on Sepik River 1Kitten and Mask at Korosaweri Village 2Landing at Sepik RiverMantis 1Mask at Mindibit Village 2Mask at Mindibit VillageMasks at Mindibit VillageMenjamai Woman and Child Cooking Fish on Karawari RiverMenjamai Woman Cleaning Fish on Karawari RiverMenjamai Woman Cooking Fish on Karawari River

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